With These Rings


Turn arguments into intimacy

3 Journeys within a marriage With These Rings offers the opportunity to turn arguments into intimacy, chronic conflict and the fear of loss into new beginnings through active, imaginative interaction.

The Challenge

Many marriages suffer simply from lack of information, some from the absence of new ideas, and others, born in naiveté, from lack of coaching and support. We know the pain and suffering that wives, husbands and children in unhappy marriages experience. Marriages, like healthy gardens, require a good deal of intelligent attention and support. We know blame doesn't work. Also, punishment, withdrawal, attacks, verbal abuse, coldness, self-righteousness, and resignation all only make an unhappy situation worse.

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The Response

We invite couples to try a totally fresh approach to relationship. We invite you into “The Marriage Conversation.” With These Rings offers a new concept and a fresh approach to the challenges couples face.

With These Rings is built on three foundations: First, we offer a philosophy of marriage that invites you to become partners for life. To do that, you will need inviting and compelling reasons to work with each other even in the darkest of times. Second, we offer a structure of relationship. The Three Domains of relationship offer unique and fascinating possibilities for expanding and deepening communication. Third, With These Rings is based on a faith in the love (your love) that brought you together in the first place. We will help you get re-grounded in that love. You'll learn to use conflict as a pathway to intimate relating, to uncover the unique “fingerprint” that you bring into relationship, a method for increasing self-esteem, four listening styles, and you'll discover the power of the three “marriages” within marriage.

Here’s what people are saying about With These Rings

“Dr. Frueh presents a new model for marriage that is compelling, inviting, exciting and real. He is a gifted writer and speaker. This will change the way you look at marriage.”
— Gerd Jordano

“Using his vast experience, Stephen takes the standard premise of marriage and carefully and creatively repackages it to help the couple look at their relationship with different lenses and embrace it more authentically and intimately.”
— Dolly Cowen, MFT, PSY.D.

“The ‘With These Rings’ model has brought us closer and offered us a great template to get through the tough stuff that comes up over time.”
— Laura & Charlie McIntyre

“You have done a good job with the book and I have enjoyed reading it. You have made it personal enough to feel a connection with you and insightful enough to assist others in looking into their own marriage.  I personally found some helpful information for my marriage and now my husband is reading it. So – thanks!…”
— Shannon D Sanford WBTQ

“Your book is the most innovative and necessary piece of written literature I have seen in years.  I could understand it from cover to cover and I am hoping it will salvage what is left of my 34 year old marriage that has turned to ice.  Every suggestion you give I try and they seem to work like magic.  I hope I have the patience.
— Bobby 

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If you have any questions about the book then I'd be glad to hear from you. Email me directly on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the contact form.

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