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Here are some links to useful resources:

  • Too tired for sex? Increase sex drive, increase sexual arousal. Dr. Laurie Mintz's latest book "A Tired Women's Guide to Passionate Sex" has been well received by couples and psychologists alike, and has been shown in research to increase sex drive and arousal in women who read it. 
  • Alliance of Divorce Professionals (ADP) was co founded by my wife Lynn to provide mediation and collaboration for couples who simply could not make their marriage work. Makes the world safer for children.
  • Stay Happily Married Creating a happy marriage is possible and is dedicated to providing resources to help couples who want to stay together. By offering information about qualified marriage counseling, a weekly marriage podcast, articles, workshops, and web resources, we hope to encourage couples to get the help they need.
  • Deserve What You Want Scott McKay's site offers coaching tips for men and women.
  • Happier Couples is a site committed to inviting couples into live video presentations by well known marriage counselors, coaches and presenters. The site will offer access to the experts with comprehensive information on their work.
  • Honey I Love Golf But I Love You More! Jodi Walker is the author of the book Honey I Love Golf But I Love You More!  When golf becomes the "other" love in your life, couples realize communication is the key.  This book helps women understand why men love the game so much and how they too can enjoy the game and improve their relationship at the same time 
  • Cupid’s Coach - personal matchmaker, dating coach, media personality Julie Ferman founded her personal matchmaking and dating coaching service, Cupid’s Coach in 2001 to dignify and simplify the love search process for selective, relationship-minded professionals. The company has quickly become the largest, fastest growing personal introduction service in all of California, and is now expanding nationally through the merger with elove.

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Marriage Coaching

Couples can rebirth and reimagine their relationship and create new pathways to intimacyMarriage Counseling – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Redesign your marriage and create magnificence in your relationship.

Couples Workshops

Couples thrive in a learning environment with other couples. Couples WorkshopWe offer full day, half day, and weekend workshops on the rebirth of marriage.

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Relationship Training

Marriage challenges – crises in communication, money arguments, coldness and even affairs are really opportunities in disguise. Relationship Troubles

All marriages need and desire growth. 

Transform challenges in your relationship into new life in your marriage.